The scientific soviet of institute


Khashim Mamatkarimov Dusmatov – the secretary of scientific soviet

The scientific soviet of Institute is consists of the head of the Institute (chairman), the first deputy of the head of Institute (the deputy of chairman), the deputies of the head of the Institute,

The Scientific soviet of the Institute is consists of the head of Institute (chairman), the first deputy of the head of Institute (the first deputy), the deputies of Institute, faculty, department, the head of departments, the professor-teachers personnel who are in a high scientific potential, the combatant part, the leading personnel of fire and techno sphere safety.


As the collegial affair of Scientific Soviet of Institute is discuss, work out, establish and adopt the decrees on next given problems on activity of Institute:

·       discussion and establishing the subject programs, educational plans, state educational standards by the “program of employee training”;

·       discussion and establishing the projects of the plans of high courses of training the head employee of the state fire safety service and publishing of educational-methodological literatures, textbooks, work outs of scientific researches, the plan of main events of the Institute, besides that reports about results of plans;

·       suggests about developing and discussion the works on strengthening the educational-methodological basis of the departments of Institute;

·       takes the reports on the results of the plans, discussion and establishing the projects of the plans of practice and upgrading courses of the professor-teachers personnel and other employee;

·       listening the reports of the faculty of increasing the qualification and re-training, and departments such as organization the scientific research and analytical publish, the center of fundamental and practical researches on the problems of fire safety and organization and coordination, the organization and coordination of educational process;

·       discussing, establishing and listening the reporting on the problems of the plans and working plans of the working personnel on project researches, the scientific topics of the scientific-technical of programs of the fundamental and scientific-practical researches;

·       discussing the integration the science with the industry;

·       suggests about creating the new educational directions (specialties) by considering the suggestions of practical organizations;

·       listening the results of monitoring the activities of employee after graduating;

·       discussing the problems of publishing the projects of the group of exercises, lectures, methodological description, methodological textbook and subjects;

·       checking out the documents of candidates for scientific awards such as associate professor and professor and references in order;

·       references the candidates for education after the high education of the Institute;

·       establishing the topics of scientific consultants, dissertation of Dr. of Science, the personnel working plans of the free scientific researchers and doctoral candidacy at the educational institution after education;

·       listening the reports of the free scientific researchers and researchers doctoral candidacy who are researchers for getting the Doctor of philosophy (PhD) and Doctor of Science (DSc);

·       establishing the graduation papers of the graduators of the Institute of High course of training the head employee;

·       discussion and establishing the projects of Final state exams of the graduators;

·       listening the reports about the plans of scientific tutorial of the leading cadets under the Center of practical and fundamental scientific researches on the problems of Fire safety and the departments of Institute;

·       discussion and references the projects of normative-juridical documents which are done by the experts of Institute;

·       listening the reports and discussion the activity of the commission and working groups of the Institute;

·       listening the reports about analyze the pedagogical control of lessons and open lessons;

·       besides that the Scientific Soviet of the Institute discuss the other problems;

·       there are 67 problems were discussed on the activity of Institute during 2018/2019 years the Scientific Soviet of Institute and was adopted orders with 362 chapter. The results of the orders of Scientific Soviet of Institute give good results.