Youth Innovative Center

Youth Innovative Center of the Institute of Fire Safety of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan

In order to identify and support the talented young people and to develop their creative and intellectual potential in the Institute fire safety was created “The Youth Innovation Center” by the 5544 edict of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on September 21, 2018 “On approval of the Innovative Development Strategy of the Republic of Uzbekistan for 2019-2021”, the 2909 edict on April 20, 2017 “about the measures for the Further Development of Higher Education System”, 2991 edict on May 23, 2017 “the improving the system of training, retraining and higher education of personnel in the field of fire safety”, the 3775 decision on June 5, 2018 “about additional measures to improve the quality of education in higher educational institutions and ensure their active participation in the large-scale reforms implemented in the country”.

Head of Center – the doctor of philosophy of technical sciences major Murtazaev Kuvandyk Mustafoevich

The main tasks of the center:

• identifying talented young people and creating conditions for the disclosure and full development of their creative and intellectual abilities;

• attracting the younger generation of research projects to solve existing problems in the field of fire safety and the improvement of fire protection in the Republic;

• organize and conducting scientific and practical conferences, round tables and exhibitions, master classes and workshops, as well as other similar events among young people;

• providing the opportunity to participate in the Republic and international innovation competitions with their own ideas and developments;

• assistance in the implementation of the results of innovative activities of young scientists and cadets of the institute. Support for start-up projects;

• taking measures to introduction in process of training and practice of the best innovative ideas, technologies and projects developed by the center.